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Average Guys Penis Size

The Average Male Penis has been something that has interested men themselves, their partners, scientists and even statesmen of yore.

Cicero, who was a famous Roman senator and was interested as to the average size of a man’s penis, conducted the first actual recorded study of male Penis length. He thus gathered a sample study of men and concluded from his study that the average length of the penis of Roman men was the modern equivalent to 7.02 inches (Maybe he was embellishing a little!)

Throughout history the size of penis has been documented, most notably through art, as the Greeks were first to display the penis on nude sculptures, The Greeks tended not to focus so much on size, but shape and general look of the genitals. This has led scholars to believe that the Greeks placed some importance on a smaller penis, as larger penises were mocked, or said to be a barbarous trait.

The Romans, ironically appeared to have the exact opposite idea, and praised the manhood and its size as a sign of virility, and manliness. Priapus, originally a deity from Greek Mythology (then known as Priapos) was admired for his rather large Penis by Romans and myth states that he was the lovechild of Aphrodite (the Goddess of Love) and Hermes another fellow god. Even a modern day church now exists to worship the cock and has various locations throughout the world, it is referred to as the Church of St. Priapus.

In the modern world, many variables affect Penis length, environment conditions, genes, and as some studies suggest, geographical conditions. Studies conducted state the average penis length is between 5 inches and 6.25 inches. Contrary to popular belief Porn Stars are not the norm in term of penis length!

A 2005 Internet survey found that 70% of women were satisfied with their partners size, where as only 50% of men said they felt they were satisfied with their penis size. So as you can see communication plays a big part in whether or not men are satisfied with their penis, honesty with your partner can bring you more self-esteem about your overall size.

If you’re concerned about your penis length there are few option that can be used in order to achieve a more adequate length and girth. Jelqing exercises, Supplement Pills - such as Sinrex, penis pumps - for temporary increases in girth and length, or a Penis Extender can help men achieve a more satisfactory.

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