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Best Jelqing Exercises Video

Best Jelqing Exercises Video


The X4 Penis Stretcher device is vital to a penis enlargement program. However, the combination of jelqing exercises with male enhancement pills can help you maximize your results from your enlargement program. The best jelqing exercise videos can be found on our website, X4 Extender.net. When using our penis enlargement system, we highly recommend our clients to take advantage of our online jelqing guides. These jelq videos provide the most up-to-date jelqing techniques that are necessary for penis enlargement. Depending on what your penis enlargement program consists of, you should always perform your jelqing exercises as regularly as you use your Penis Extender. These are natural, safe and are proven to be the most effective methods of getting a bigger penis.

What is jelqing?

Penile Jelqing, also known as the Arab Jelq, or manual penile “milking”, is an exercise technique used in penis enlargement programs. Jelqing is an ancient Arabian penile massage technique. In the Middle East, jelquing was a tradition where fathers were accustomed to groom their sons for sexual associations. Essentially, jelqing exercises are used for loosening the blood cells inside the Corpus Cavernosa in order for the blood cells to expand easier while wearing a Penis Extender. Jelqing exercises are very effective when it comes to increasing overall penile length and girth. While milking cannot enlarge the penis on its own, the combination of the Best Penis Enlarger along with jelqing techniques has been significantly glorified in the field of Urology as the best alternative practices for penis enlargement.

You can jelq manually or you can use a penile traction device to perform these male enhancement exercises. If you are just starting on a penis enlargement program, we recommend viewing some jelqing exercise videos. Practice these techniques before and after using your penis extender.


Where Can I find the best jelqing exercise videos?


You can purchase your instructional jelq videos from our website along with your penis extender packages and kits. When you purchase your penis extender system from our website, simply upgrade your package to the X4 Gold Edition or the X4 Premium and you will be granted exclusive access to our penis enlargement forums. In these forums, you can watch the best jelqing exercises videos that will help you in your penis enlargement treatment.


How Does the X4 Penis Enlargement System work?


The ultimate system for improving overall penile health is by using a combination of the X4 extender, male enhancement pills, regular jelq exercises, and a healthy diet. When combined and practiced efficiently, men using our penis enlargement system can gain incredible results in just under 6 months. One of our clients submitted his Before and After Photos from his penis enlargement program. He had reported a gain of 3 inches in length, and 1 1/2 in girth in just 6 months!


What Can You Get With a Larger Penis?

-More self-confidence both socially and professionally

-Better sexual performance

-Female satisfaction

-Better well-being and penile health


Benefits of Jelqing:

-Better Penile Health

-Sustained erections

-Longer and thicker penis

-Better sex drive

-A more expandable penis

-Great compatibility with erotic toys


Start your jelq exercises today in conjunction with your X4 labs penis extender system. You can purchase your male enhancement kit from our website, X4Extender.net.

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