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The Best Penis Enlargement Program

The Best Penis Enlargement Program


The best penis enlargement program begins with a solid plan or lay-out on what goals you aim to accomplish. Prior to designing your penile exercising program, it is crucial to have your penis enlargement system. This system consists of your X4 Labs penis extender (also known as a Penis Stretcher), your male enhancement pills and your jelqing exercises (see Penis Jelqing Videos). Once you have all of these, you can plot both your short term and long term goals . If you haven’t already purchased your penis extender, order one Here.

Some pre-requisites to your male enhancement routine should be exercising. Performing physical activities on a regular basis can help the blood flow in your coronary system as well as blood circulation. It should also be noted that a lot of body fat is stored around the pelvis area. If you drop your body fat, you can capitalize on your penis enlargement program and see faster results. The best way to do this is by going on a healthy diet (well balanced and nutritious meals, natural dietary supplements etc). Once you have enlarged your penis using your custom penis enlargement program, you gain that long desired confidence in your social and professional life. Regardless if you are undersized or even above average penis size, the use of a penis extender device increases your overall girth and length in a short period of time. These enlargement devices accomodate all penis sizes, however it is important that if you are truly undersized, you may want to look into a mini support piece (also known as the quad support piece) offered exclusively from X4extender.net.


Below are the requirements for the best penis enlargement program:


Step 1: Using a Traction-Based Penis Enlarger

Your penis enlargement program exercises should normally take place during the night- the body repairs itself most effectively during sleep hours. It is also more discreet, in case you do not want your roommate or partner knowing what you’re doing. Depending on what results you are expecting, the ideal penis enlargement exercise program should be practiced 4-5 times per week, and the program should change every month. Think of your penile exercises like a gym routine- you must balance the amount of effort with time efficiency so that you have the best penis enlargement program for yourself. Our X4 extender has been ranked as the best penis stretcher on the market. The X4 extender works best as its package deals offer either a dual (hybrid support system) or quad support piece (the mini) so that you can accomodate your silicone noose tubing and comfort straps together or seperately. Learn more about How the Hybrid Support System works.


Note: If you are suffering from Peyronie’s disease or penile curvature, use the penis extender until your curve is corrected. Until then, do not try jelqing as it may be painful.


Begin your program at night with your penis extender. When you first use your extender, try to not tighten your straps or tubing too hard. It doesn’t matter if you use comfort straps or silicone noose tubing, they’re both good for fastening. You may get tired of using one, so the best thing is to make sure that your penis extender has the hybrid support piece or even a quad support piece. This way you can alternate between the silicone nooses and the comfort straps.


Use your extender for the first couple of weeks for only 2-4 hours per night so that your penis can adjust to the traction device. Wearing the extender is a lot like wearing a watch, at first it is noticeable but then after a while it feels as if it’s not there. After 2 weeks of using the extender during your sleep, begin increasing the tension on the penis extender by adding more bars or adjusting the bolts. Now you will start using the Penis Stretcher for longer periods of time. Ideally, you want to eventually wear it between 3-4 hours per night.

Step 2: Penis Jelqing Exercises


The following steps are Penis Jelqing Exercises. Some of these are better to do in the shower as the moisture and warm water helps the blood inside the penis circulate easier. However, you can use personal lubricant for jelqing if you don’t feel like getting wet. Perform your jelq exercises for 20 minutes and do this 5 days a week. Jelqing helps to return blood circulation in your penis as well as an additional aid in expanding the the blood cells that the penis extender has already been working on. Learn more about How to Jelq and what are the Best Penis Jelqing Exercises.


Step 3: Male Enhancement Pills

Taking natural male enhancement pills like SinRex can greatly help you improve penile health and sex drive. The natural herbal ingredients used in these natural male enhancement supplements help to facilitate the blood flow going into the penis so that men can maintain firmer erections while simultaneously augmenting their sex drive. Ingredients used in SinRex blue such as Lycopene Omega 3, horny goat weed and Gingko Biloba help to increase blood flow and sex drive . With a healthier erection, a penis enlargement treatment can be done much more efficiently. As the blood flows easier into the penis, the traction from the penis extender and the jelqing exercises allow the blood cells to stretch and multiply with ease.

Record Your Results!


A good penis enlargement system will come with a variety of extras that will help you monitor your progress during your treatment. A jelqing package should come with a towel, a personal lubricant, and measuring tape. 

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