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Penis Extensions

Penis Extensions are methods, which can temporarily or permanently enlarge the penis. Several methods can be applied with varied measures of success, dependent on the recipient’s use, and frequency. Penis pumps and Penis Stretchers are the most common devices used for enlargement and come in a variety of styles and designs which range in price, and more importantly, safety.

Penis pumps are devices that create a temporary increase in the amount of blood in the shaft. When increased to a sufficiently safe level the pumps is removed, leaving a cock ring around the base of the penis to prevent the excess blood from flowing back into the rest of the circulatory system. Without the use of a cock ring it would result in losing the temporary gains resulting from the penis pump. Neophytes should take caution as over pumping, or pumping too rapidly can damage to the penis. More concerns about the dangers of penis pumps can be read here.

Penis Stretchers are devices originally created to treat a condition known as Peyronie’s, which is a curvature of the penis, which can be range from an uncomfortable sensation to painful sensation during intercourse. It has since been included for penis extensions as a non-surgical and safe-method to add size to the penis in both girth and size.

Penis Extenders come in a variety of types, which range in both comfort for the wearer, and available results. Many cheaper models have inadequate nooses for the tip of the penis, which can cause discomfort, and consequently a lack of results.

The X4 Extender comes with a 3-in-1 support system offers the customers three different modes of securing the penis tip which results in the user finding the best comfort level and preference, which subsequently will help achieve better results.


The use of traction is paramount to the philosophy behind penis extension devices, through the cell regeneration, the body will create new cells, which in addition to helping length also helps build girth allowing for more pleasure for your partner, and improved self-confidence in the user.

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