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Penis Hygiene

Concerns for penis hygiene have increased in recent times as social norms send people in the direction of perfection. Ensuring that you have a clean penis will be extremely beneficial in the long run, especially when it comes to penis enlargement. If you are a user of the X4 Penis Extender system, you must make sure that you maintain proper penile hygiene during your enlargement program. This means that your extender should be clean at all times, as well as the other parts to the extender (memory foam, silicone nooses, silicone harness, extension bars etc).  Below is a quick review on how to keep your penis clean, and the benefits that come with it.


In order to maximize your penis health, hygiene is an extremely important factor. This applies strongly to those who also engage in sexual activities on a regular basis. Maintaining proper hygiene can reduce the chance of entrapping any form of sexually transmitted infections (STI). For those who have an uncircumcised penis, penile hygiene is extremely important as the foreskin can easily catch bacteria. Here are some ways on how you can keep both your penis and your penis extender clean:

1)    Adult Toy Cleaner (Penis Extender only):
An adult toy cleaner contains disinfectant ingredients that exterminate all possible bacteria. Its unique formula also does not cause rust on the extender bars (unlike water)- making it a very useful to have with your extender. These  adult toy cleaners are available in our X4 Gold Premium package.

2)    Soap:

Very important for hygienic purposes. Take your baths or showers on a regular basis to maintain your body hygiene. Use a soap that doesn’t dry the skin. Also, avoid putting excess amounts of soap on your penis as it may fall through the pee hole and cause temporary burning. Try and find a soap with a fragrance for best results, and use a sponge.

3)    Regular Showers/ Baths:

You may not need to wash everyday, however showering 4-5 times per week is crucial for body hygiene. If you are having sex on a regular basis with or without condoms, it is always important to wash your penis afterwards. This not only reduces the smell, but it also reduces the possibility of bacteria build-up.

Some reasons why you should keep your penis clean:

• Reproductive purposes

• Reduced chances of catching Sexually Transmitted Diseases

• Reduced chance of your penis smelling bad


When you are perfoming jelqing exercises, you should also wash your hands before and after doing these enlargement exercises. Learn How To Jelq.

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