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Prostate Ejaculation

Prostate Ejaculation


A Prostate Ejaculation is the result from a prostate massage; an act that can be performed for purposes or for sexual stimulation. It can be done manually with your fingers and a water-based lubricant, or it can be done with a prostate massager (a type of anal vibrator). Prostate massages are known for giving men the best possible orgasms through direct stimulation of the male g-spot (also known as the p-spot). Science has proven that regular prostate stimulation is healthy for the prostate gland as it cleans out the excess sperm that the penis itself cannot fully dispose of during a regular ejaculation. This reduces the chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, or prostate enlargement.


A prostate massager can be one of the best investments for men. They vary in price between 50$ and up, depending on the quality. There are even grade prostate stimulators that have been designed by physicians themselves. A prostate massager has a particular shape to it, normally a “C” curved shape for direct p-spot stimulation. These male sex toys can be found all over the Internet, but you can buy yours for a great price at X4extender.net, the best male enhancement shop!


There are various techniques to performing a prostate ejaculation. You can do this by yourself using your fingers or a prostate vibrator. If you have a sex partner, you can have them perform it on you. Lean over on a counter, or you can lay on your back with your legs elevated. Find your p-spot, It should be somewhere between 1 and 2 inches deep. You will feel a little bump about the size of a walnut. Alternate between putting light pressure on it, to gently massaging it in circular motions. If you are ready for a more intense sensation, try putting more pressure with your prostate massager. It doesn’t take too long to ejaculate, and when you do, you will notice that you ejaculate in much larger volumes. 


For healthier prostate, men can take on a variety of tasks that will benefit their overall health. Using the appropriate male enhancement pills such as Sinrex can be a great addition to a healthy diet. The natural ingredients such as Lycopene, Omega 3, Saw Palmetto, Bioperine and L-Argining HCL contain the necessary nutrients for better prostate health.

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