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Prostate Ejaculation & Male Milking

Prostate Ejaculation & Male Milking


A Prostate massage, otherwise known as a P-Spot massage or male milking, is a process where the male prostate gland is stimulated for sexual pleasure or for purposes. All men must undergo a prostate examination as they enter their middle-ages in order to test for prostate cancer.


The two objectives for a prostate milking is to help release the buildup of excess seminal fluid that causes pain for men with prostate issues. The standard seminal ejaculation is believed to sustain a healthier prostate gland. However, recent studies have shown that the stagnated fluid may result in several prostate issues such as prostate cancer or engorged prostate gland.


The outcome of a prostate massage results in an extremely intense and possibly, a dry orgasm. There are several techniques to stimulating the male g-spot, usually through the use of an anal vibrator, butt plugs, and male prostate massagers (male sex toys). Current studies demonstrate that over 60% of men are unsatisfied with their orgasms. It should be noted that prostate orgasms offer long-term health benefits to your prostate gland.


Prostate massage techniques involve a variety ways of stimulating the male g-spot to produce a prostate orgasm. It should also be noted that a prostate orgasm is much more prolonged and pleasurable than your regular orgasm.


How To Perform A Prostate Massage


1) You will need latex gloves, water-based lubricant. Sex toys are optional.


2) You will need to either lay on your back with your legs elevated, or bent over against a counter. Laying on your back is most comfortable.


3) With some personal lubricant on your toy or your fingers, slowly massage around the anus to prepare for the anal probe. When you are comfortable enough, or warmed up, slowly penetrate the anus and lightly massage around until you come across a small bump that will provide you with a tingle of stimulation. Do not penetrate too far as this may be painful for the man. The prostate gland (p-spot) is located about 2 inches inward.


4) It normally doesn’t take a long time to gain a prostate ejaculation. You can alternate between putting pressure on the p-spot to lightly tickling it. Do what you prefer the most.


Improving Prostate Health


For improving your overall prostate health, using natural male enhancement pills with the appropriate ingredients can help to maintain a healthy prostate gland. Here are a few methods of improving your  prostate health:


1) Have sex regularly to promote a healthy prostate. Semen production enhances a male's chances of staying free of prostate problems, including prostate cancer.


2) Taking Natural Dietary Supplements with the following ingredients: Saw Palmetto, L-Arginine, Lycopene Omega 3, Antioxidants, Vitamin A, Gingko Biloba. See our SinRex Male Enhancement Pills for better prostate nutritional supplements.


3) The following foods are a great source of the above prostate enhancers; Fish oil, Flax seed oil, Red Clover, tomatoes, Green Tea, vegetables & fruits.


Things To Avoid for Better Prostate Health

1) Smoking

2) Drugs & Alcohol

3) Being inactive

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