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What Is The Average Man's Penis Size?

What is the Average Man’s Penis Size?


What is the Average Male Penis Size? People always want to know the truthful answer. Before, the answer to this question would vary according to the geographical region, as penile size is affected by environmental factors for the most part. However, information has been gathered and now the facts are out as to what the average penis size is.

According to several surveys around the world, the average size of a full-grown man’s penis is 5.5- 6 inches (18 cm) in length when erect. The average male girth size is normally between 3-4 inches erected. These numbers have been going down recently as more and more pollutants and other environmental factors are taking a toll on the human body.


The first survey of recording the male penis size was back in 214 B.C, conducted by Cicero during the Roman Empire. Cicero had a great interest in philosophy and how certain things affected how people thought. Known as one of the most important figures of his times, Cicero was an extremely provocative and intelligent public servant of Rome. One of his long-lost documents that were published back in 214 indicated a survey conducted of what effect penis size had on males between the ages of 18-40. His recordings of the average man’s penis size were 7-7.5 inches (22-25 cm in length). Next to all of his measurements, he would put a Roman numeral on a scale of 1 to 10 on how happy or satisfied the men were. Those who had a larger penis were closer to ten than those who were smaller.

The conclusion from Cicero’s observations to the present day is that size does count and it has a very important effect on how men behave. In other words, a larger penis gives men more self-confidence in their lives. The fact is that with a larger penis, men can please women in a sexual manner much more easily. So in the end, with a healthier penis, men can live a healthier lifestyle and sustain better relationships with their boyfriends or girlfriends.

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