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What Is A Good Penis Length?

A good penis length is based upon personal preference and what pleases your partner. There is no one definite length that is defined, some women like them larger; others find that larger penises may be too intimidating, or painful during intercourse. The average penis length is reported from numerous different studies to be any where from 5” to 6.25”.

The first point to make is that preference is very important, if the male does not feel his penis size is adequate he may suffer from low self-esteem, which can eventually lead to depression, and consequently difficulty achieving and maintaining erections. If feelings of inadequacy persist it may make the male shy away from the female before even initiating conversation. However there is a cure for this.

The next thing to consider is how pleased your partner is with your size. Most females feel, contrary to popular belief that girth is more important than length. This is most likely due to the fact that a wider penis will stimulate the walls of the vagina, more than length can accomplish through deeper penetration. Most women (70%) feel satisfied with their partner’s penis, however an almost equal percentage, 71% of males feel unsatisfied with their penis size.  This statistic proves that most males would like to do something about their size, and have a longer, larger penis.

An X4 tested Penis Extender can achieve these results, through a technique know as jelqing, which extends the penis through cellular regeneration of the tissues around the penis. Over time, this completely safe technique can show measurable results. This is the key reason to the six-month money back warranty offered by X4 labs. Through regular usage, the participant’s overall size is guaranteed to increase. This will invariably lead to increased self-esteem in the male, and better satisfaction for his partner.

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