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The X4 penis extender has become incorporated into the lives of men across the world. In this section, you will find a variety of penis enlargement before and after photos along with customer testimonials. X4 Extender’s customer success and satisfaction rates are very high and this is what makes our company exceptional extender, send us your feedback by email by contacting us.

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I have gained a tremendous amount of length, almost two inches in 4 months. I am extremely pleased with my results and my sex drive has never been better.

Bruce Perry – Lincoln, RI, United States
I’ve gone extensive reconstructive surgery as well as a variety of cosmetic changes to my penis. I have probably used every device on the market, but the X4 Extender was the only one that has worked for me.

Larry J. – Texas, United States
There were times when I though that this device may not be working. Three months into the treatment program I’ve seen tremendous gains in size. Coming from a person who has used pumps before, I can proudly say that the extender truly works.

Albert J. – Middlesex, United Kingdom
For two months I used a tube-based extender and realized that I was reducing the blood circulation to my penis. After switching to the strap-based extender I noticed faster results and a much healthier penis.

Adam G. – Quebec, Canada
I gained about 2 inches but what I thought was the most surprising effect of the extender was the improvement it had on the strength of my erections.

Omar B. – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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