Average Penis Size

Average Penis Size

Everyone wants to know, what is the average penis size?

This is a very commonly asked question, as the average penis size varies according to several factors. This article will cover some of the common misconceptions and myths from the mainstream media. It will also look into some of the factors that influence your average penis size and the process of measuring your penis length and girth.

Measuring your Penis:

Always remember that when measuring your average penis size, it must be measured when erected. The flaccid penis will always vary in size and is always inconsistent in its measurements. In order to get the most accurate measurements for your penis size, you should consider measuring your penis at different times. It is recommended to take the measurements on different days, record them and then take the average size. You can do the same for girth and length to uncover your average penis size.

It is recommended to take measurements of your average penis size on different days because several factors influence the measurements such as: time of day, room temperature, arousal level and frequent sexual activity.

The average penis size in length varies across several studies. According to an extensive source, the average male penis length is approximately 13-15 cm (5.1-6 inches). The same source states that the average penis size in girth is approximately 12.3 cm (4.85 inches) at a full erection.

Rumours are scattered in mass society that some races have larger penises than others. It is commonly thought that those with an African American descent have larger penises than Caucasians. Additionally, it is believed that Oriental Asians have smaller penises than both Caucasians and African Americans. This is a common misconception; there is no scientifically proven evidence that such theory is true. What people see in porn is totally different from the real world. Everyone should know that male porn stars have larger penises than the average penis size with males- this is to create a standard among viewers of what should be the norm.

For those who have an average penis size,you too can see gains using a Penis Enlarger. Using a Penis Extender on a normal sized penis will generate the desired effects based on consistent use. The penis enlargement device is primarily designed for those with an undersized penis or those suffering from Peyronie’s disease.