How Do Penis Extenders Work

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

By inducing cellular division penis extenders force skin cells to reproduce. The small amount of stress that is applied to the penis body forces the reproduction of these cells while expanding the interior cavities of the penis.

As the penile tissue grows and expands, the penis not only appears larger in length but also increases in width or circumference. This allows you to not only increase your length but also increase your width.

Stretching has historically been used by indigenous tribes of Africa and Asia.

These tribes either used large stones as weights to stretch the penis. Although this method is rather dangerous, extenders harness the same principle while still providing complete safety, with no side effects. Other tribes have seen women use traction devices to increase the size and length of their necks permanently and successfully.

Unlike enlargement pumps, male enhancement pills, or enhancement patches, the penis extender provides results.*

Clinical studies indicate that the penis extender is one of the only ways to increase size without invasive surgery. The most important thing to note is that there are absolutely no side effects associated with the use of a penis extender or stretcher.


*Personal Results May Vary