Penis Extender for Smaller Sizes

Choose the Right Size for Your Penis Extender

It is understood internationally that not all men are the same size. The truth is, every man has a different body type and penis type. The X4 Labs Penis Extender models come in different sizes in order to accommodate all body and penis types. How is this done? Our uniquely designed hybrid support piece allows for the penis stretcher to fit the smallest sizes. The standard X4 Extender Hybrid Support Piece works for men that are 4 inches or longer in the flaccid state. Subsequently, we have also developed a smaller sized support piece that accommodates men with penis less than 4 inches, even as low as 1 inch.
If you are going to buy a Penis Extender, it is important to know what your size is so that you make the right choice of which type of extender to order. All of our competitors’ devices do not work with smaller men; this is what makes the X4 Penis Extender different. X4 Extender is the only penis extender manufacturer to offer a penis enlargement device that is compatible with men 4 inches and under in the flaccid state.
The small-sized Penis Extender is designed specifically for men suffering from micro-penis conditions and for men measuring less than 4 inches soft. We recommend that if you are suffering either of these conditions of small penis syndrome, you should go with a smaller size penis extender like the Mini and Quad Support System.
Men with below average penis sizes can certainly use our regular size Penis Extenders. However if you are below 4 inches in length, you should consider starting off with the Mini Edition. With the shorter support piece from X4extender, men can use the penis enlargement device most effectively and comfortably.
After a few months of use, you will be growing out of the smaller size support piece. You will then be able to upgrade to using the additional support and minimize slippage and attain real results.
The X4 Labs Penis Extender is the only penis enlargement device that caters to smaller sized men, and is the only penis stretcher that has been proven to increase penis length and girth by 35%! *
Still unsure of what type of X4 Labs Penis Extender you need? Don’t be shy, contact us and consult with one of our customer sales agents. They will be happy to assist you and answer any of your questions.