X4 Extender Comfort Strap

Advanced Comfort Strap Technology

Fastest penis enlargement and best results

X4extender has developed the ultimate solution to maximize comfort and efficiency for patients using the penis extender with its Hybrid Support System. Our specially designed and patented advanced comfort strap technology is just one of the components that contributes to the great success of our penis enlargement devices.

The wider and longer comfort straps are comprised of grade A silicone that holds stronger and more elastic properties than basic silicone compounds. The comfort strap rests firmly around the memory foam, which is worn around the penis. Once the comfort strap is fastened into the hybrid support piece, it is easily adjustable.  This type of penis extender system is often preferred as the most comfortable method of fastening. Our advanced comfort straps rest firmly around the penis and keep it in place so it doesn’t slip out during longer periods of usage.

Traditional penis extenders often cause the penis to slip out or lose tension over prolonged periods of time. The X4extender advanced comfort strap technology corrects the flaws that the other straps experience. These new comfort straps are wider and longer so that they ensure secure fastening and superior comfort. The wider surface area bestows better grip, prevents slippage, and does not inhibit any circulation of blood flow.

The Original Comfort Strap Technology is similar to the X4extender Advanced Comfort Strap Technology, however it is shorter in length and may sometimes be worn out after several months of continual usage. Men with a thicker penis may be unable to use the device, and therefore we have introduced our Advanced Comfort Strap Technology, which provides more breathing room and comfort due to its longer and wider strap.

Another important aspect of the Advanced Comfort Strap is its ability to undergo tremendous forces and tension. Unlike other strap-based or silicone noose-based extenders, our Advanced Comfort Strap Technology is very durable and should not break with regular use and care.. Our specially designed strap technology is CE Certified and promises you the best results from your X4 penis extender.

Our satisfied clients have praised their preference of our comfort strap technology over the noose straps. With a stronger and more comfortable fastening strap, your penis enlargement program will be much easier and it will give you the results you deserve.

Thousands have also upgraded from their older models of extenders and converted to the X4 Upgrade Kit, giving them access to the latest breakthrough in penis extender science offered only at X4 Extender.

Our hybrid support piece is supported by all major brands of extenders. That means if you have a different type of extender and you wish to try our new system of penis extenders, you can upgrade your extender today and start getting better results from our penis enlargement system.