X4 Extender Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the X4 Penis Extender and penis enlargement.

Will the enlargement procedure negatively affect my ability to get an erection?

No, in fact some users feel their erections get stronger due to the increased cell activity and blood flow from the treatment.

Can the X4 Extender be worn at work and while you sleep?

If you have a non-physical job, the X4 Labs Penis Extender can be worn under boxer shorts and loose fitting trousers. If you generally sleep on your back or side you should have no difficulty wearing the X4 Extender while sleeping.

Will the girth decrease, stay the same or increase?

Due to the general tissue expansion, the girth increases as well as the length.

Does it hurt?

No. Some initial soreness is normal. Within a few days, you will forget that you’re wearing it.

Can the treatment go on for as long as I want, and will I keep getting results?

The Penis Enlargement process will continue as the treatment persists. However you will eventually reach a threshold where it will no longer continue to elongate.

Does the use of the X4 Extender require medical experience or the help of a Doctor?

No, the X4 Extender comes with an easy-to-use instruction manual and CD-Rom. It does not require medical consultation.

Does the X4 Extender require a minimum length or thickness of the penis?

No, the X4 Extender is developed for penises of all sizes. The device can be used on both circumcised and uncircumcised penises.

Are there any negative side effects?

No, the use of the X4 Labs Penis Stretcher has no influence on erection, urination or fertility.

What happens in case of an erection while the X4 Labs Penis Extender is worn?

The X4 Extender either adjusts to the given erection angle or simply glides off smoothly to be applied again.

Do I have to follow a fixed treatment pattern?

No, you can wear the X4 Labs Extender as you please. The results depend only on the total amount of hours worn, the amount of traction applied, and the patient’s diet.

Does the X4 Extender help in case of a curved penis?

Yes! The X4 Extender has proved efficient in straightening the penis and helping penile curvature and those who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease.

If the Comfort Straps break, how can I fix them?

All orders except the Starter Edition come with spare parts and accessories. The packages come with extra comfort straps, extra extension rods and extra silicone tubing. You may also purchase and Extended Warranty that covers the additional parts in your X4 penis extender product, another suitable option is purchasing an additional Upgrade at a later point should if be required.

Is there a warranty for the X4 Extender packages?

Yes, there are several options for warranties for the X4 Penis Extender.

Are the shipping packages discreet?

Yes, All Shipping packages are discreetly packed for customer confidentiality, and no brochures, catalogues will ever be sent to your address.