X4 Extender Hybrid Support System

Hybrid Support System

In the 1970s, firms were beginning to develop traction devices that would regenerate skin cells and correct broken bones by applying small amounts of stress to parts of the human anatomy. This prototype device would become developed into the most advanced penis extender manufactured by Canadian research and development firm.

Today, there are two types of traction methods used in the penis extender. The first is a 1-inch wide silicone comfort strap, and the other is a silicone noose strap.

X4 penis extender comes with the 2-in-1 Hybrid Support Piece System that combines both the comfort strap technology and silicone noose technology into a single system. This way the patient can choose which method of fastening works best for them. X4 extender hybrid system also allows users to alternate between the two or use both at once.

The classic penis extender that populates the market uses silicone tubing as a method of fastening the penis into the enlargement device. It is characterized as an easily adjustable technique for keeping the penis in place during use.

The more up-to-date, or modern penis extenders use a 1-inch wide silicone comfort strap to steadily hold the penis in place using less tension. This method provides patients with increased level of comfort and improved blood circulation, the two key factors to healthy penis enlargement.

The X4 Hybrid Support Piece System (2-in-1) combined with the spring loaded traction device also caters to men with circumcised and uncircumcised penises.

When it comes to your penis, you should only want the best penis extender on the market. The importance of comfort and blood circulation cannot be stressed enough when it comes to penis enlargement. Using the hybrid support system from X4extender ensures maximum safety and comfort during a patient’s enlargement program.

Some users may feel more long-term comfort with the silicone tube, while others may prefer the straps. Depending on the number of consecutive hours the penis extender is worn, the noose offers faster and easier attachment, while the 1 inch wide comfort strap is ideal for longer periods of usage.

The flexibility of the X4 extender 2-in-1 system works perfectly for users that want to get the most out of their penis extender.