X4 Extender Quad Support System

Quad Support System

4-in-1 Penis Extender System

The X4 Extender offers an upgrade on all of its models of penis extenders to the latest technological breakthrough from X4, the Quad Support System (QSS). Since all men are of different sizes, lengths, this unique system offers unsurpassed comfort and a universal sized support piece that completely eliminates slippage.
Men with micro-penis condition and men with below average size penis can gain all of the benefits from the QSS. This exclusive penis enlargement system has more points of fixation; therefore you can double strap either the comfort straps or the nooses at the higher point and the lower point of your penis. What this does is completely secure your penis into the support hybrid support piece so that you will never slip out.
The 4-in-1 Quad Support System often provides results much faster and efficiently that the regular hybrid support due to its ability of enhancing comfort and fastening. No other penis enlargement product is able to accommodate all men’s penis sizes. The X4 penis extender continues to raise the bar in the field of penile enlargement and enhancement.

Why is the 4-in-1 System Better?

More Comfortable and Faster Results

The 4-in-1 System allows patients to use two straps at once in the two appropriate points of insertion. With this unique system of fastening, patients will experience superior comfort and faster results. By allowing you to use two comfort straps, and two silicone tubes at the same time, slippage is close to impossible with the quad support system.

X4 Extender is always working continuously to improve the design of our penis extender in order for patients to achieve the best penis enlargement results. Our efforts continue to raise the bar of urological and non-surgical penis enlargement.

What do I get with the Quad Support System

Everything You Need for the Best Penis Enlargement


Adding the Quad Support System to any of our packages is simple. All you have to do is select which support system you want when you place your order. This option allows you to upgrade any penis extender model to the 4-in-1 quad support system (QSS) so that you can get faster results.

By adding the Quad Support Piece to your order, you will be able to use four points of fixation on your penis extender to improveyour overall results. The Quad Support System is also great for smaller men as it is designed to accommodates sizes of 4 inches flaccid and under.